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FJ Cruiser Roll-top Console Cover Insert

Industrial Forming has developed a unique Roll-top Cover for the open well in the floor console of Toyota's FJ Cruiser off-road vehicle. The Cover provides a shielded storage area for your electronic appliances (MP3 player, GPS locator, cell phone, watch, etc). Recently a locking option has been added to the cover for better security while you've gone for a swim or the FJ has gone for a swim through the car wash.

The Roll-top Cover is made of a heavy gauge thermoformed plastic ABS base that contains a track for the Roll-top (Tambour) door. The Insert is a snug fit down into the console well. Marine grade hook and loop fasteners engage the top surface of the console and retain the Console Cover in the well. No drilling is required. Installation takes less than five minutes. The Cover can be removed if desired by carefully disengaging the hook and look fasteners. In the case of the new locking cover, self-taping screws are included to more positively secure the insert to the inside walls of the console well.

The tambour door is made of slats attached to a heavy duty marine grade fabric that slides across the top of the console. The slat structure allows the open door to slide down out of the way on the rear side of the console. The door is easily opened with one hand and does not interfere with the factory armrests on the front seats. Three different grades of door slats are offered.

Panamint Model (non-locking) ^

The Panamint model, named after a famous off-road and gold mine area near Death Valley in California is made from black hardcoat anodized 1/8" thick alloy aluminum. The thick hardcoat anodize is most resistant to scratches from jumping dogs or climbing babies. It has been tested to support a 160# weight on the Cover. The black brushed hardcoat gives the Cover a very elegant appearance.


The Borrego model is named after another 4x4 area and purported home of Peg Leg Pete's lost gold mine in the Anza-Borrego desert of Southern California. The sliding cover is made from silver colored satin anodized aluminum strips 1/8" thick. The weight capacity is similar to the Panamint but not as scratch resistant. The locking version of the Borrego has a silver colored nickel plated lock. The silver satin finish of the sliding door contrasts well with the black interior of the FJ Cruiser.

Borrego Model (non-locking) ^


The Urban model is made of 1/8" ABS plastic strips the same as the base unit. A textured pattern to the surface of the slats helps to hide scratches and adds interest to the Cover surface. The weight capacity is about 20# for a crawling baby or jumping dog.

All three Covers use a black hardcoat aluminum handle. In the case of the locking option, the bar aluminum handle is replaced with a 0.7" diameter ring 0.25" high that acts as a handle and also houses the multi-tumbler lock in the center of the ring. The ring and the lock are black for the Urban and the Panamint models.

Urban Model (non-locking) ^


Borrego Model (locking version)


There are 3 models, each with a different style of sliding tambour door:


The Urban Model -1/8" thick similar textured black ABS = $89.00




The Borrego Model - 1/8" thick anodized satin aluminum = $129.00




The Panamint Model - 1/8" thick black hardcoat aluminum = $149.00



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Locking option - $25 extra.



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Shipping and Handling is $18 which covers shipment by UPS ground within the contintental U.S.

Expedited and International shipping is available for an additional fee depending on the destination.

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